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About only distributes California certified organic avocados and delivers them directly to your home within two working days. The organic farms are located in the heart of Southern California's agriculturally rich North San Diego County, the country’s top avocado growing area. All of our groves utilize strictly organic methods. As a result, we are told we produce some of the tastiest Hass avocados on the market. We fertilize using organic compost, macronutrients such as blood meal and bone meal, organic fish fertilizer and composted chicken manure. Our avocados are raised with love and care by growers with many years of experience in avocado cultivation. We are passionate about maintaining the highest organic standards.

One satisfied customer remarked after receiving a shipment of our avocados: "Your avocados are better than chocolate!" No wonder avocados are believed to have been used as an aphrodisiac by the ancient Aztecs.

Avocados contain 17 vitamins and minerals, lots of potassium, very little sodium, and no cholesterol. Hass avocados are raised and cared for entirely by hand, preserving the exceptional nutritional value of our avocados. We weed our plots by hand, we harvest by hand, and we pack by hand. We use no pesticides, and no non-organic fertilizers, nor due we treat our avocados in any way after picking. This ensures you receive the finest, most highly nutritious avocados available anywhere at any price.

We store our avocados on the tree and pick them fresh when we receive your order. And as you are buying direct from our groves, rather than through a “middleman” packer, as you would in a grocery store, our avocados are never subjected to gassing, which is used commercially to preserve freshness during the usual long journey from grove to grocery shelf and finally to your kitchen. When you buy from that journey time is reduced to two to three days, thereby providing the optimum in freshness and nutritional value. Our commitment to you is to bring delicious, nutritious avocados to your kitchen in a timely fashion. If you are not happy with your order for any reason please contact us for a refund or fresh shipment.

About Our Owner

Robert “Rio” Hahn has raised Hass certified organic avocados for over fourteen years. He provides what many have referred to as the best avocados they have ever eaten. For Rio organic farming has been a life-long pursuit.

Rio participated in the development of sustainable organic farming for ecological projects in several parts of the world, including the Biosphere 2 Project near Tucson, Arizona. He employs the techniques learned on these projects and in his soil laboratory. He is the inventor of Uncle Bob's Miracle Root Cure, the first organic soil treatment developed specifically for vegetable horticulture employing macro and micro nutrients and micro-organisms.

Rio is dedicated to doing his part in building a healthy environment. He believes local growers can have a significant effect at the micro level, helping alleviate the causes of many of the ecological problems we all face today. He is a champion of sustainable agriculture and hopes you will do your part by supporting small farms and local growers.


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